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Self Made Energy Builds & Projects

Are you looking to make your own energy! if so read on.

Below are four topics for making solar, water,wind and water conservation and energy making,  making your own energy is probably the best thing you can do right now to save on bills and the environment, plus its also a great hobby and its fun. I found a lot programs for teaching you how to make these energy sources but i definitely picked the best of the bunch and narrowed it down for you.Enjoy!


Wind Energy

Self made energy wind generators tend to produce a good deal more energy than solar panels and are again easy and cheap to build when you know how.

This sites owner lives 100% off his wind generators, completely off the grid. His step by step instructions are easy to follow and makes a very sturdy heavy generating wind energy generator.

Some materials you will have lying around like a battery to charge for use later or cable to connect onto the grid and some you can get easily on the internet like the electrical generator, the bigger the generator the more power the turbine can produce provided you have good wind generally they can produce anywhere between 1,000 and 3,000 watts.Which makes this less than $100 well worth building.




Solar Power

Solar power has been around for quite some time but now its really affordable, it’s also seen as one of the best solutions which runs purely on a free source . More and more homes are jumping on the band wagon of this and building your own solar energy source has never be cheaper or easier, there are lots of company’s now willing to show you just how to make solar panels

But i found this site to be really through there is a lot of they give you  a lot of added tools included…..                              an introduction section, a build manual, installation guide and a calculator to estimate how much you’ll need and how much you’ll generate.

Personally i gathered my solar cells from a well know auction site. I bought them broken and fixed them back together for a faction of the price of buying complete ones but the choice is purely up to you.

The cost is small in buying the cells and assembly is very easy they can be used for a variety of uses for example two panels I have made at put on the roof of my home produce enough power to heat to water for the shower throughout the day.

Definitely a worthwhile investment and fun project,  I  have been asked by a few neighbors to build some for them after they seen the solar panels go up on my roof.

This website I’m recommending are also giving away free plans to build a wind turbine.Which is pretty good!

Build your own Generator!!!

I could not believe it  when i stumbled  upon this site, this site shows you how to  build a self made energy generator that creates its own electricity in fact more than your homes home will need and more so you can end up sell electricity back to the grid provider.

It does not require any special parts or materials you can’t get cheap and relatively local to you. I was unsure whether it would work so i build a small model .The first time i used it  I was in complete shock to my amazement the generator started up!! by the help of a battery, then just kept running generating electricity , I own a self made Campervan and when i plugged into the van all the lights worked with no interruption at all and keep going .

Itake it with me every time i go away on a trip i can park any with free electricity it even powers the electric heater and thats just a small model i made . Soon I will  get around to building a larger generator to power my entire home.

I strongly suggest you look at this site, complete money saver! and green power!

Homemade Water Filter

Do you have hard water in your home ? Is your kettle filling up with limescale? Is your tea and coffee dull and tasting unpleasant? Are you spending a fortune on bottled water?

My area is just terrible for good quality water and  the water was just plain undrinkable but i made my own homemade water filter and it sorted the problem right out i cant believe i didn’t do it sooner is was really easy to make.

I completely recommend you do the same as soon as i installed the difference was amazing. The water filter removed any trace of iron in the water, there was no taste of chlorine (which I can’t stand) Before we installed the water filter there was no way that we would give tap water to the kids if it tasted that bad it definitely can’t be that good for you.

The filter removes 95% of heavy metals in the water, Believe it or not  it greatly reduces the risk of rectal, colon  and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts from the water. It also removes pathogenic bacteria to an undetectable  level.

I have a family of 5 and we would spend quite a lot a bottled water not to mention the recycling and this has solved those problems, the kettle is spotless and someone comes over for a tea or coffee we don’t have to hide as we scrape the scum from the top of the cup!!!

It was really easy to make and 10 months on its still going strong without any maintenance . You get around 5-6000 Gallons of water from it and it’s also self sterilizing. The best one I have seen and personally made and recommend is the WATER FILTER HERE